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The Story Behind A Christmas L.I.F.T.

Thanks for visiting our site and considering your purchase of “A Christmas L.I.F.T”.

As I considered making this CD, I found myself wondering why I wanted to do this: was it to stroke my ego or to leave a legacy?  The pastor at our church (who also happens to be my husband) reminds us every week that we are to LIFT the lives of others through Love, Inspiration, Faith and Transformation. After much soul searching, I came to the conclusion that God had given me a gift that I should use to LIFT others, so I set out to find “others” who needed help.   Read more…

  • 100% of the Sales of this CD goes to Mission Guatemala!
  • CD makes great gifts for friends, family, clients, teachers, etc.
  • Purchase CD to be shipped to you, or download MP3 version.

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